Belper Under Climate Change: Attending to Events And Building Alliances

Belper Under Climate Change: Attending to Events And Building Alliances

Transition Belper are a group of local people who are exploring how to reimagine and rebuild our world at this unprecedented time of global crisis.

Having recently moved to Belper, I’ve been encouraged by the strength of the community and the concern to make the area a place where people appreciate and protect the lovely environment we live in.

But our ability to achieve this depends upon events and initiatives of which we have limited knowledge and little control over (the Pandemic for starters!). Climate change is becoming a reality here and now: parts of Belper may well be flooded again next winter. Local and national governments are introducing some measures to decarbonize the economy, but these fall far short of what is needed given the scale of the climate emergency. These issues concern me especially.

Although we’re not a campaigning organization as such, our local activities can benefit considerably by attending and responding to national and regional initiatives to improve our environment, and respond to climate change. A current example is the Chancellor’s “Green Homes Initiative” to improve the housing stock, which forms part of the economic recovery plan from the Pandemic: Building Back Better?  Well, maybe. But at least our members can use it if they know about it. Detailed coverage provided in the last Newsletter will have made that much more likely.

So I believe it is vital to keep abreast of relevant developments in government and commerce, and to develop relationships with organisations which share our aims.

Please contact me via email if you support this line of thinking, and would like to help. It offers the prospect of achieving our own aims more effectively, and endorsing other peoples’ efforts to respond constructively and creatively to the enormous challenges we face at this time.

We all want to make our lovely area of Derbyshire an even better place to grow up, live, and grow old in.

Blog by by Chris Ring, Member and Local Activist

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