Travel & Transport Group

Travel & Transport Group

The Travel and Transport Group continues activities to encourage the use of sustainable and less polluting forms of transport.

The group aims to:

  • transform Belper and the DE56 area into a more pleasant place to live and get around,
  • encourage people to use existing public transport networks,
  • understand the travel problems of the area and seek ideas to resolve them.
  • help local authorities to understand how they can create integrated, user-friendly bus, rail, cycle and walking networks, Highlight the cost, convenience, and lifestyle benefits from doing this.
  • demonstrate that the latest technology developments will make zero carbon transport possible in the near future. Show how it would work within the DE56 area.

“During the past year we have looked at air pollution caused mainly by diesel powered vehicles and tried to understand its causes and its extent. We have had financial support from Transition to take measurements. We have also prepared advice for how pollution can be reduced and how people can best avoid polluted areas during their local travels.”

Our aim is for our activities to influence people’s travel choices and encourage planners to ensure that sustainable transport options are available.

If you want to join the Travel and Transport, please contact us at