The Friendship Orchard

The Friendship Orchard

Imagine walking down any street in Belper and picking an apple, cherry or hazelnut, that has been grown to be shared.

Do you have a spot in your front garden / front yard of your business / a space that you own and you know is publicly accessible and can be planted?

Join us and become part of the Friendship Orchard to plant fruit trees, nut trees and shrubs with edible fruit this Winter.

The first phase for Winter 2020 will enable people to plant fruit trees, nut trees and shrubs with edible fruit in their gardens, which adjoin a public right of way.

They will become a Food Tree Steward, look after the tree, and when the trees fruit, share the produce with the community.

The Friendship Orchard will work with the Food Tree Steward to source suitable trees, plant and then offer after care advice.

Members of the public will be able to find where the Friendship Orchard food is by searching on an online map or seeing a sign next to the trees.

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Contributed by Belper Permaculture Network

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