Who Are Transition Belper?

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Transition Belper are a group of local people who, as part of the wider Transition Network movement, are exploring how to re-imagine and rebuild our world at this unprecedented time of global crisis.

Our activities are aimed at making the market town of Belper a more sustainable place for us all to live, work and play, and at the same time reducing our impact on the planet and our individual and community carbon footprint.

Founded in 2009, Transition Belper is made up of people from all ages and backgrounds. It is not a political group, or a campaigning group. What brings us together is a shared desire for action for the benefit of our local community and our planet.

So instead of worrying about the future of the planet, get involved and make a difference. 

Fighting For Green Spaces

Green spaces matter. We work with local partners to improve local parks, gardens and green spaces so that they can thrive in a sustainable way.  Whether it’s carrying out land management or restorative gardening work using local volunteers in local public spaces we’re never afraid to get our hands dirty.

Wellbeing & Community Resilience

We invest in the personal wellbeing of the people of Belper and surrounding district. This is done through volunteering opportunities, supportive talking groups, wellbeing meetings, workshops and social gatherings.

Shrinking Your Plastic Footprint

Plastic has completely changed the world around us in a short space of time, but it’s only recently that the devastating implications of this mass global usage has entered our collective consciousness. We’ve long championed alternatives to plastic use and aim to help the community reduce its impact on the environment.

Renewable All The Way

We promote the reduction of fossil fuel consumption and emissions by providing advice to the community on domestic energy saving. We are champions of renewable energy generation where possible and practical both for homeowners and the wider Belper area.

Make. Do. Mend.

Let’s make the most of what we have! We aim to reduce waste by  recycling, repairing and skill sharing to keep those items you love lasting longer and out of landfills.