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Stall Booking

Welcome stall holders!

Stall bookings are now almost closed! We have been overwhelmed by the wonderful requests from community groups, arts, campaign groups as well as all the usual food stalls and sellers that have applied for Belper Goes Green this year.

We have a couple of spaces reserved for additional food stalls so if you are a food vendor then please fill out a request for a stall and we will get back to you promptly if the spaces haven’t already been taken . With every event, there are some cancellations, so if you would like to be added to the reserve list then please go ahead and fill in a stall booking form and we will contact you should a space become available.

Thank you to everyone that has already applied. We look forward to the best Belper Goes Green yet!

From charities to craft stalls, campaign groups to local artists, and up-cycling to bicycling!  With plenty of delicious food and drinks as well. We offer a wide array of local businesses with a conscience, for the public to enjoy over the festival weekend.

We really hope that by wanting to join us at Belper Goes Green, and sharing our values, you’ll be helping us make this an even better and even greener event in 2022 than ever before.

You’ll see from the information below that we set high sustainability standards – from use of energy to responsible management of waste. We want everyone involved in Belper Goes Green to set a standard for others to follow.

Belper Goes Green will be hosted at Belper Cricket Club this year. We are excited to bring a new venue, with fabulous views, and a live cricket match on the Saturday. The site will be arranged to accommodate the match, with entertainment and seating spilling into the cricket playing area, once the match is complete.

Your contribution to this is vital – thank you for supporting us.

Please read through this information before making an application – thanks.

Type of pitch and costs

Belper Goes Green supplies a small number of market stalls for use by people who don’t have their own gazebo/structure. Once all stalls are allocated, those without their own gazebo will be accommodated by us – first come, first served.

Charities, community groups and campaigns

  • Half market stall (6’x4’) or a gazebo pitch – Free
  • Full market stall (12’x4’) – £10 per day
  • Free stalls pay a deposit of £20 – refundable when you arrive for the event (please ask – we’ll be too busy to chase you!)

Workshops or activity stalls, including therapists in the wellbeing area – not for profit only

  • Free but £20 deposit returnable on arrival – refundable when you arrive for the event (please ask!)
  • If you want to offer a free workshop, therapy or activity but don’t need a fixed stall to run it from (i.e. you could offer it outdoors or from the large, communal wellbeing marquee), then please apply via the Volunteering page.

Catering stalls

  • Defined as those preparing food or drink for consumption at Belper Goes Green.
  • There will be limited mains electricity available on site this year, please ensure you specify this requirement when booking
  • £90 per day or £150 for the weekend (includes Friday evening). N.B. There is no premium option this year – we will allocate an appropriate location)
  • There will be a supplementary fee of £15 per day for all catering stalls that are not vegan. We require all meat and dairy products to come from high welfare (free-range, organic or grass-fed beef) and low carbon footprint (i.e. sourced in the UK)
  • Single-use plastic containers, straws and cutlery are banned from the site. If you have used non-recyclable containers (such as polystyrene) at BGG in the past, we’d love to see you again but please don’t apply for a stall if you are not prepared to bring fully recyclable or biodegradable materials
  • Please sort your waste if you can and use our sorted recycling receptacles responsibly. Please take your bags of mixed waste away with you.

Craft stalls

  • Half market stall (6’x4’) or gazebo pitch – £10 per day
  • Full market stall (12’x4’) – as per Standard Stalls below

Standard stalls (anyone not mentioned above!)

  • Full market stall (12’x4’) or gazebo pitch – £50 per day or £80 for the weekend
  • We ask that, wherever possible, people bring their own gazebo as this frees up market stalls for those who don’t have a gazebo. (Please give size on booking form).

Further info

  • If you will be using power for your stall –Please note that power generated by petrol or diesel (from a vehicle or a generator) will not be allowed on site.  We will want to know what energy source you will bring on site to supply your needs.
  • Booking confirmation – We hope your application will comply with our requirements to avoid problems in accepting your booking at the outset. Sometimes we are overbooked in some categories of stalls so a later booking may be refused or put on hold for that reason. In any event we will keep you informed and, we will consider a booking confirmed once payment or deposit has been successfully paid in full into our account. Then you will be listed on our website, mentioned on Facebook, allocated a pitch and included in the festival programme. We’ll allocate pitches as part of the overall site layout after all bookings are taken, and we’ll do our best to meet your requirements.
  • If you need to cancel your stall we will refund your fees in full as long as your cancellation is before 4th April 2022. There will be no refunds for late cancellation or non-attendance.

What documents/information will I need to provide?

  • Please provide us with the registration number of the vehicle you will want to bring on site
  • All stallholders should be insured and be able to provide evidence of their current Public Liability Insurance valid for the duration of the festival
  • Food stalls should provide a current Food Hygiene Certificate
  • Workshops or those involving the public in activities should provide risk assessments to help ensure the safety of those taking part
  • If you hold a first aid qualification it would be helpful if you could share that information with us. We will hold a list of qualified first aiders on site who can be called upon in an emergency.

Now you have read all the information above, please submit your application by clicking on the button below and filling in the application form. Thank you!