Wheely Green Solar Power Trailer

solar powered trailer
In early 2021 TB applied for and were  awarded funding from the Transition Network’s ‘Bounce Forward’ initiative for a design/make project aimed at providing totally mobile off-grid power for outdoor events. Although motivated by the needs of future Belper Goes Green festivals, the objectives have been to extend the benefit to other local community groups running suitable events.
The bulk of the design/make work has come fom Richard Bett ( the structural work) and Tony Cooper (the electrics), who have been working  on concepts and designs since Lockdown in 2020. They would like to thank the growing number of supporters, volunteers and advisors who have helped them along the way
We’re now learning what the capability of the power trailer is in terms of what potential  users need to know about:
  • how much useable energy will be available to users in a typical day or weekend
  • how much power can be delivered at any one time
  • how easy it will be to manage

Would you like to use the trailer for your event?

We are keen to hear from any local community groups who see an opportunity for using off grid power from our trailer to support an event they have in mind. Please contact us at info@transitionbelper.org

OK, what have we got?

  •  a twin axle trailer with a flat bed 2.3m X 1.3m
  • mounted on the trailer, a wedge shaped welded aluminium spaceframe
  • mounted on the spaceframe, 8 X 125 watt solar panels (nominally 1 kw max power). Two of the panels are fixed and the other 6 are foldable or removable for transport
  • under the 2 fixed panels, an accessible space for the electrical control components and the battery pack.
  • a large area on the trailer flatbed  and below the panels for transporting and storing other equipment

How much of it is recycled?

The PV panels, cabling, space frame structure and  battery pack are all 2nd user ( the panels are in fact at least 3rd user and are 18 years old! All of the above apart from the batteries were taken from a solar truck which had reached the end of its life.  We are indebted to the off-grid enthusiasts.

If you’re interested in the electrical configuration, the details are (and more are available):

  • 24volt  DC config,. So panels are in serial pairs (2s X 4p).
  • Solar Charge Controller (MPPT) capable of configuration for Lithium batteries
  • 4 X  Lithium battery modules from a 40KwH Nissan Leaf (1/6th of the total Leaf battery bank)
  • 24v  to 220v pure sine inverter, 2.5 Kw continuous output

solar powered trailer

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