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Since 2009 Transition Belper have been proposing innovative and ground-breaking environmental initiatives to raise the community’s awareness of climate change. Many of these ideas have now become part of people’s everyday life; idea’s such as preventing food waste, lowering plastic use, shopping locally, home insulation, community gardening, skill sharing, permaculture and reducing CO2 emissions – to name but a few.


Dec 2009


Transition Belper was founded

Jul 2010

Transition Belper first outing at Belper Food Fair

First Transition Belper outing at the Belper Food Fair.

Jan 2011

Clothes Swap Event

Jun 2011

The End of Suburbia

The End of Suburbia film shown at the Queens Head Pub.

Nov 2011

Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Discovery Days

Transition Belper have first stall at Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Discovery Days in Milford and Belper. Featuring Hydro Power openings, Climate Impact Model and 1811-1911-2011 display (Carbon Footprint measured for each period by the Energy Descent Action Plan team).

Nov 2011

Transition Belper Energy Group Formed

Dec 2011

Transition Belper win National Energy Action funding

Transition Belper win competition to get National Energy Action support for a series of projects to tackle fuel poverty and explain the Green Deal to the community.

Jan 2012

Transition Belper win £50,000 to support 6 projects from DECC Leaf Fund

TB win £50,000 to support 6 projects from DECC Leaf Fund. 

  • Solar PV potential for Belper
  • Thermal survey – flight cancelled due to weather, camera purchased
  • Hydro power potential in the Derwent Valley
  • Energy Expert Training – by the MEA
  • Produce a Planning Guidance document for Energy Saving improvements in WHS location
  • Solid Wall example project
Mar 2012

Skill Share Workshops Commence

Jul 2012

Transition Belper Win 10k Co-op Funding

David George, Richard Keighley & Ian Jackson enter Co-op Community Energy competition and win  £10k and support to help set up Amber & Derwent Valley Community Energy and start feasibility study at Ambergate.

Jul 2012

Transition Belper start ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ Campaign at Belper Food Festival

Jul 2012

Transition Belper adopt Railway Green Space

Adoption of Belper Train Station green spaces, including Community Work Days (clearing & planting), In Bloom judging and many volunteer awards. Initially led by Kathy and taken on by Kate.

Mar 2013

‘Chasing Ice’ Shown at the Ritz Cinema


May 2013

Derbyshire Youth Market

Transition Belper organised a Youth Market, a pioneering event created to encourage young people to experience the world of business. This was an exceptional marketplace and creative space for young people to connect, gain entrepreneurial experience and showcase their creative and organisational skills. This event featurde stalls and social areas where young people could:

•             sell their creations/produce/services
•             perform and entertain
•             provide refreshments and showcase their catering skills

Jun 2013

Belper Goes Green

Our first eco festival in Belper – find out more here.

Jul 2013

Travel and Transport Group launched

Oct 2013

Belper Wins ‘High Street of the Year’

Belper wins Best High Street competition with the support of Transition Belper.

Jan 2015

Big Energy Race

Transition Belper encourages people to join the national initiative to encourage households to take control of their energy use and stop losing money on unnecessarily high fuel bills.

Jul 2015

BHive Eco Shop Launched

Becky Newton launches BHive – an ethical product store.

Aug 2015

NP4B (Neighbourhood Plan for Belper) first meeting

Oct 2015

Inner Transition Group Formed

Clair Micha launches Inner Transition Group focusing on spiritual development, well being, building community oneness, pursuing personal growth and strengthening connections with the earth around us. 

Oct 2015

Belper Apple Day

Dec 2015

Candlelit Vigil

Climate change candlelit vigil held on Belper Market by newly formed Belper ‘Inner Transition’ Group. 

Aug 2016

‘We, The Uncivilized’ Shown at Ritz Cinema

Oct 2016

Transition Belper Begin Monthly Café at Number 28

May 2017

Tomorrow (Demain) Film shown at Number 28

Sep 2017

‘My Happy Space’ Launches

Clair Micha launches My Happy Space – a series of monthly workshops centred about health & Wellbeing. 

Oct 2017

Kids Against Plastic Talk At Transition Belper’s Café

May 2018

Belper First Town in Derbyshire to Launch a Refill Project

Belper is the first town in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire to launch a Refill project to reduce plastic bottle use in the area.

Refill Belper was launched by Charlotte Creed as part of her Bright Green Future Environmental project in partnership with Transition Belper.

Jun 2019

Repair Cafe Launches At Number 28

The repair cafe joins the Transition Belper monthly cafe. Offering people the opportunity to do their old items.