Women’s Circle

Women’s Circle

The Women’s Circle is held monthly and provides a space for women to come and share their stories, inspire each other, learn from each other and connect. It is currently held at the Old School House.

The Circle was initiated in 2016 by Cherry Anderson as part of Inner Transition, who saw a need for such a group for herself and others:

“We are in such uncertain times in terms of politics, climate change and our global economic and social systems. For me, reconnecting with others in our community is essential to help us build the foundations of a more resilient society of the future. It is uplifting to share our journeys through life – the women who come to the Circle inspire me hugely and give me the motivation to keep going.”

Sessions are often linked to the seasons and attendees volunteer to take it in turns to bring a topic for discussion, demonstrate a skill or lead an activity. A few of the themes covered to date are: gratitude, mindfulness, qigong, the menopause, story-telling, gender stereotyping, sexism, willow weaving, flower essences, reflections on the year and communication.

Due to wanting to keep the Circle to an intimate size, it is currently a closed group, but please contact Annie for further information or to be added to the waiting list.