Belper Parks Volunteers

Belper Parks Volunteers

After much planning and negotiation with Officers at Amber Valley Borough Council Transition Belper received formal agreement to form a group to carry out woodland and grassland management work in Belper Parks. The work was to complement that already done by the Council and by Groundwork.

Belper Parks Volunteers have now been going since the autumn of 2018 and have done over 550 hours of voluntary work in Belper Parks, strategically clearing bracken, bramble, self-set trees, crown raising trees, and creating wild flower areas.

Highlights of their work include the small areas of cornfield annuals, which now flower prolifically during the summer attracting much attention from park users who stop to take photos, as well as the riverside path, which has proved to be incredibly popular.

Tasks are always a very happy and sociable affair, with the ‘Kelly Kettle’ always being a focal point during breaks, made even better on occasion by Gail and Gary’s canteen!

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