Men’s Circle

Men’s Circle

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“We have around 12 men when we are all together. Quite a disparate group of men in age, shape, size, and energy. The one thing we have in common is our curiosity as to what it means to be a man in this world today. Not as simple a question as it may appear.

We share our lives in terms of what is ‘up’ for us at the time we meet. How we feel about the things that are going on and share our wisdom and experiences. One thing is certain and that is that each man’s work has a relevance to all other men in both the circle and also the world. We have created a supportive group of men who can connect, empathise and be in community with the other.

I feel privileged and humbled to be of service to these men in whom I see both courage and vulnerability of equal measure.”

If there are men in the wider community who wish to share this brilliant experience then make contact please by emailing or phoning me at Richard (David) Goodall at / tel: 07897 232 920″.