Replacing The Belper Station Mosaic

Replacing The Belper Station Mosaic

The Belper Station Adopters have been granted permission and funds to replace the Transition Belper mosaic at Belper Railway station.

After seven years the mosaic at the railway station has sadly deteriorated and come to its end.  But there is great news because we now have permission and funding to renew and replicate the original mosaic with some alterations.  There will now be 6 sails on the Heage windmill (as there should be) and we are changing the words “Transition Belper” to read “Transition Belper for a sustainable future”.  There will also be signage saying “Welcome to Historic Belper”.

The updated replica will use more durable materials – anodised aluminium for the base and a material called Premark for the mosaic style artwork.  This material is non-toxic and commonly used as markings for roads and playgrounds.

The original Mosaic has been divided into A4 rectangles – approximately 64 different rectangles.  Creating each piece in this new innovative way will be a community project led by local artist, Richard Bett.  Each section completed will be “signed” with the initials of the maker.

Free Workshops If You Want To Join In
Come to one or more of our free workshops led by local artist Richard Bett.  The first 3 workshops are being held from 10am to 4pm at No.28 on the market place in Belper on the following dates:

Thursday 6th July
Thursday 13th July
Thursday 20th July

For more details and to book your place, give Richard a call on 07871240179…or

And if you cannot make these workshops, there will be 5 more on different days and locations over the summer.  WATCH THIS SPACE!

By Kate Pudney

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