Home Energy Advice Service: Thermal Imaging Now Being Offered

Home Energy Advice Service: Thermal Imaging Now Being Offered

Thermal Imaging Works Best In The Cold Weather!

Transition Belper has been expanding its energy advice service, and has seen a surge of interest over the last few months.

With an expanding team (of four advisors), we are now able to offer advice not just to Transition Belper members, but to anyone living in the area.  By taking a systematic look at your particular situation, we can help you decide how best to save energy (and money!).  We look with you at your existing energy use, and expenditure, at your home and its energy efficiency, and the scope for reducing residual heat loss.  Thermal imaging is an invaluable part of this service and it’s much more informative while the weather is cold.

We aim to (i) help you take greater control over your energy use (ii) be clear about the scope – if any – for greater efficiency, and (iii) suggest practical steps to achieve this, meaning you use less energy and reduce your fuel bills.

We are not a professional service, being mainly “experts by experience and interest”.  However, most of us have undertaken relevant training, and all of us have practical experience of energy efficiency measures in a variety of buildings.

We welcome new enquiries – especially at this time: contact info@transitionbelper.org (if you put the phrase Home Energy Advice in the subject line, it will get a more rapid response).

And although it’s a free service, we welcome donations to Transition Belper which help to fund our costs.

By Chris Ring – Team Co-ordinator

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