Carbon Literacy Event A Huge Success

Carbon Literacy Event A Huge Success

Transition Belper and Belper Town Council organised a half day course on Carbon Literacy, led by Caroline Harman of Marches Energy Agency, on Saturday 31 February.

The number of people who applied was tremendous, as was the turn out on the day. Tony Cooper, Cherry Anderson and Cllr Mary Dwyer worked together after attending a full day on this subject, in Wirksworth Eco Centre, to bring Caroline to Belper to run a potted version of the course. She delivered this in two halves, the first covering the negative impacts of Climate Change, the second about what we can do individually and what needs to happen globally. The break allowed time for people to chat and network.

All attendees had been asked to work out their own carbon footprint on the and watch a video using this link:

This information was useful during the morning with charts and detail of our carbon usage and how we can all adjust what we do and use in order to reduce our personal carbon footprints.

This course helped us  realise that  we all need to take responsibility for the climate crisis. Holding our politicians to account is also essential to ensure real change happens. The clock is ticking………

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