Transition Belper 2023 AGM: 27th June

Transition Belper 2023 AGM: 27th June

All members are invited to attend Transition Belper’s Annual General Meeting.  This will be immediately followed by a Social Event, at the same venue, where there will be music, food and a chance to nip across the way and grab a beer (or BYOB).

When: Tuesday June 27th 2023
Location: Number 28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ
Time: Opens 7pm. AGM Starts at 7.15pm.

What will happen: Members will be able to take an active part in the AGM by nominating and electing next year’s trustees and approving its resolutions.  If your membership is close to lapsing, please do consider renewing or you can renew in-person before the AGM starts (please come a little early to allow for this).

Could you be a TB Director?
At this meeting, two of our Directors will be stepping down, we are keen to find people to fill the roles of Secretary and Treasurer, as well as expanding the board even further.  By becoming a Director, you will have the opportunity, not only to work with an inspiring, friendly team but you will also help to make decisions about the way that Transition Belper goes about its work.  If you’re passionate about making Belper a greener place to live, work and play, and you feel you may be able to contribute to some or all of the following aspects, then please consider being nominated* to help us with: the sustainability of Transition Belper, income generation, dispersal of funds, membership liaison, project liaison, organisational structure, conflict resolution/working in groups; strategic planning, and big picture thinking about the group’s future direction.

The agenda is as follows:

1. Welcome
2. Apologies
3. Introductions
4. Approval of last year’s minutes
5. Chair’s Report (summary of the year)6. Treasurer’s Report
7. Nomination and Election of Trustees
8. Any Other Business

Your presence is important
It is important that we have as many members at the meeting as possible.  We need at least 10% of the membership, so please attend if you can (or nominate a proxy).

Please note that, under section 324 of the Companies Act 2006 and article 22 of the Articles of Association, all members have the right to appoint a proxy who can represent them at the meeting.

If any member wants to:

  • Add an item to the agenda
  • Put themselves forward as a director or wishes to nominate another member for the post of director
  • Exercise their right to appoint a proxy to attend the AGM on their behalf

Please contact us before the AGM via email at:

Your membership
Only members can vote at our AGM.  To participate your membership needs to be up to date, or you will have to join as a member before the start of the AGM.  For your information, we now have a brand new sign-up system: it is very straightforward to become a member via our website with an online credit or debit card payment:

Our new membership system includes auto-renewal, so you never need to forget to sign up again!

The social
After the formal business is taken care of, there will be an opportunity to mingle and meet other members with some drinks and nibbles.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Management Board:
Co-Chair – Kendal Greaves
Co-Chair – Ed Sills
Treasurer – Vacant post
Membership Secretary – Richard Bett
Director – Adrian Rochford
Director – Rachelle Willis
Director – Layla Marshall
Secretary –  Vacant post

*If you would like to join our team or would like to find out more about becoming a director then please email  A new director is appointed at the AGM with a nomination from a member of Transition Belper that is then seconded by another member.

By Richard Bett on behalf of Transition Belper’s Management Board

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