The Big One

The Big One

Members of Transition Belper joined ‘The Big One’ event in London for Earth Day.  The event, organized by Extinction Rebellion, featured workshops, talks, panels, and rallies held over four days.

As part of the event, Transition Belper members had the opportunity to learn from and engage with a diverse range of individuals and organisations committed to tackling the climate crisis.  Through workshops, discussions, and rallies, thousands of people gained valuable insights into the challenges facing our planet and the urgent need for collective action.

The event saw Transition Groups from across the UK raising awareness about the work they do and forge closer bonds with like-minded individuals and groups.  By coming together with others who share a passion for environmental sustainability and social justice, people were able to build new relationships and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Overall, the experience was a powerful reminder of the importance of coming together as a community to address the urgent challenges facing our planet.  As we look to the future, Transition Belper remains committed to working with others to create a more sustainable, resilient, and just world.

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