Belper Community Energy – Dec 22 Update

Belper Community Energy – Dec 22 Update

BIG SOLAR (BSC) is a nonprofit Co-op created by Sharenergy (also a nonprofit), which is dedicated to large rooftop solar PV implementations nationwide.  It’s in the process of building a network of volunteer support from local community energy groups who use local knowledge and contacts to identify potential sites and assess them for suitability.

BSC then does all of the negotiations with the host leading to a successful implementation of the PV system which BSC then owns and maintains.  The selling point for the host is that:

– no capital outlay is required,
– and it consumes as much Solar power as it can at a stable, discounted price.

The newly formed Belper Community Energy group (BCE) voted at its last meeting to join up with BSC as a way of implementing large-scale rooftop solar in Belper.  We’re now looking for suitable sites / hosts.

More on Belper Community Energy next month. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, BSC has a share offer open for potential renewables investors (which closes on the 10th of December).  See link: Invest to support a new generation of UK solar.

By Tony Cooper

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