Our Belper Mills Group Update

Our Belper Mills Group Update

Our Belper Mills (OBM) has continued growing its supporters with now almost 300 people that have subscribed through the website –  www.ourbelpermills.co.uk.  We hope to send out our first newsletter to people that have signed up in the next few months updating people on what has happened since the public event held in May.  The newsletter will be the main way we regularly update, so please sign up through the website if you would like to hear our latest news and of future events.

Our website is still in its early days with plans to have more information on there to help engagement.  The leaflet that is almost finished (which also will be in a hard copy for distribution soon) will be put on the website which contains history of the East and North Mills and about the current situation.

Future plans are for another event to include an update for people on the information that was collated from our first event in May, which asked people what their thoughts were about the East and North Mill.  Also we are looking to have a speaker at an event to learn more about the history of the Mills.

We have been seeking partnerships with interested local businesses to support OBM in some way, be it financial to help its growth and impact, or donating their resources to help and we now have 2 local businesses support.

We are keen to include all of the community to hear their voices and concerns about the Mills.  Long row school and Spencer Grove care home took part in the event in May in work the children had done when visiting and stories from people living at Spencer Grove who shared memories of family members working at the mills.  This wider engagement we see as important for OBM to continue.  There will be a section of the website in the future for stories and memories of the mills.  If anyone has some family history and memories of the mills we would very much like to hear from you.

Contributed by Melanie Parker

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