Wheely Green Solar Trailer Project: Update

Wheely Green Solar Trailer Project: Update

Inverter Trial: At the end of May, we took the MK1 trailer to an outdoor band rehearsal at the invitation of Bob Newbold, to test the solar system powering a 4 piece electric band. The trailer successfully powered all of the electrical equipment during a 1 hour rehearsal, and provided us with valuable info on maximum power loading on the inverter, and overall drain on the batteries. This has given us the confidence to include the inverter (or one like it) in the new Mark 2 trailer for the initial configuration.

Many thanks to Bob and the band for their enthusiastic support – we hope to team up with them soon.

The New Trailer:  We are underway with the MK 2 build having taken delivery of a new 4 wheel trailer to suit our overall design. Its first job was to pick up all of the panels and structural material rescued from the Genex Truck and temporarily stored in the TB lockup garage. These have now been taken to a farm workshop in Lincolnshire which Richard has the use of, thanks to the generosity of his friend, farmer Mark. This is where we have been cutting and welding the 2 large solar panel frames. These are now done, and we expect to be able to do the rest of the fabrications work back here in Belper.

Next month we expect to have built all of the panel frames and hinges, and the support structure which will sit on the trailer and carry the panels. We’ll then move on to fitting out the space under the panels with the electrical components plus some storage space.


The latest development on the design side is that we intend to mount the whole of the above onto the trailer bed in such a way that it can be completely removed and used as a ground mounted unit for power generation or storage without the trailer. This of course means that the trailer will be available as a TB resource for other trailer-type duties. Well. That’s the plan!

If interested in the project, or if you can contribute in anyway: please contact Tony Cooper via email: jandtcooper@aol.com or phone 07796 675385.

(As always, we thank the National Lottery players for making all this possible. Look for more information about Transition: Bounce Forward at https://transition-bounceforward.org/).

By Tony Cooper and Richard Bett

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