What Next? Summit: Call To Action

What Next? Summit: Call To Action

In March 2021 the Transition Network, CTRLShift and Losing Control held the What Next? Summit.

The summit’s remit was to explore how to bounce forward from Covid 19 to a more sustainable, equal and democratic future. The online event took place over 3 weeks and 2,000 people attended 50 workshops around the themes of What Is? What If? and What Next?

The facilitators of the event have now summarised the common themes, insights, perspectives and feedback from the summit and have used these to generate a call to action: “5 provocations from the summit to help guide collective practice moving forwards”.  These “provocations” are as follows:

  • Prioritise Social Justice
  • Create Spaces to Ask What If?
  • Build a Solidarity Economy
  • Build Community Power and Resilience
  • Collaborate, Connect and Cross Pollinate

It is hoped that these will generate debate and actions across the Transition Movement.

The Call to Action poster and a postcard are available for download here:

Call to Action poster
Call to Action postcard

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