The Wheely Green Trailer – Update

The Wheely Green Trailer – Update

Our existing Wheely Green trailer, in 12 volt configuration, is charged up and ready for a trial which Richard Bett is hoping to organise in early November.

After that, it will be time to put the trailer into hibernation mode for the winter, when the batteries will be kept in a good state with a solar trickle charge.

Many thanks to Rob for working to repair our 24 volt inverter, and to Tom for the loan of a 12 volt mixing desk which we will try out with the trailer.

We’ll then turn our attention to the design of a second trailer for which we plan to use 2nd user Li-on batteries taken from an EV such as a Leaf (if we can afford them).

If you are interested in this project, especially if you have relevant skills,  please contact Tony Cooper at  (Tel. 07796 675385) or Richard Bett via

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