The Wheely Green Trailer – 3 Steps Forward and One Step Back

The Wheely Green Trailer – 3 Steps Forward and One Step Back

During September Richard Bett and Tony Cooper have made some good progress on the ‘Wheely Green’ solar power trailer, and suffered one setback.

Thanks to those who have been helping us along the way.

We got the solar system up and running, and ready for a trial in some open space. With a load of 200kg of batteries and 100kg of panels, we first checked out the trailer mechanically and decided that new tyres and wheels would be a good idea as the old ones were showing distinct signs of age.

The following week we were road ready and Richard arranged a trial with some PA kit with his friend Bob (to whom thanks for the support). After an encouraging start, when a lot of sound was produced from very little solar energy, the inverter suddenly gave up the ghost with no warning. We’re not sure what happened but we are sure we don’t want that to happen again! Rob of the Repair Cafe has kindly offered to try and fix the inverter.

In the meantime, we have put together a 24v sound system which may work well for PA/recorded music in parallel with the 240v system (when we get our inverter back).

Richard is planning a trial session with live music as soon as we are ready. Thanks to Tom Dixon for kind advice and offers of loan kit which means we may not need to wait too long for this.

As opportunities for outdoor activities recede, we will turn to the design of the second power system. To repeat the appeal from last month, please let us know if you want to get involved as a techie or potential user of mobile off-grid power, or if you have useful resources we could make use of.

Please contact Tony Cooper at or Tel. 07796 675385

By Tony Cooper

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