Belper Permaculture Network

Belper Permaculture Network


Transition Belper is currently supporting a number of projects initiated by the Belper Permaculture Network. The following is an account of progress so far. If you are interested in getting involved in any of these projects or the Belper Permaculture Network itself – please see the contact details below.

Allotment Update.

A small number of households are working together on the Allotment currently on a daily rota with communication in a daily activity log. There are a number of different areas emerging on the plot:

No-dig beds. 5 ½ no dig beds with squash/beans, leaves, roots, potatoes, brassicas, broad beans/edible lupins. These were created by laying cardboard directly onto the grass and layering compostables (compost, manure and spent straw from animal bedding), and will not be dug over, but layered up in this way.

Compost system. Compost bays using a hot composting system with ratios of browns and greens with regular turning, which should produce usable compost in 18 days.

Water Design. A broadscale system Water Design is emerging. The design vision is ‘Water where it helps life to thrive’, and is focussing on maintaining a balance for plants, animals and people on the plot.

Space to relax and play. An emerging design is to incorporate space to relax and play (for adults and children alike). 

Fruit Tree Guild. Creating layers of edible plants surrounding the 4 fruit trees we have on the plot. 

Dot Teas Permaculture Project.

Last May, Donna Carr opened Dot-Teas Emporium in Bridge Street. In addition to supporting and encouraging various community groups to make use of the cafe, she also made a start clearing the hugely overgrown garden. In November, when the Belper Permaculture Network started planning projects; Dot-Teas was accepted as a site and observations and planning for the garden started. Elements and functions for the garden were identified, with a strong focus on inclusive features and the bringing together of different generations.

Donna is now ready to welcome regular volunteers and other visitors to the garden.  The physical design of the vegetable and sensory beds will soon be finalised and implemented. Socially distanced work parties are now being organised and anyone is welcome to get involved.


Community Hall Permaculture Garden.

Work is continuing to tidy up and plant up the garden.

Many thanks to everyone who has donated plants, more herbs needed please.

Thanks to Richard and Garth for getting together the massive water butt on site. 

Thanks to Marisha, Andy and Kendal for their regular support. 


Contact Info.

If you would like to find out more about Belper Permaculture Network ask to join the email group or you can use facebook to access the following groups:

Belper Permaculture Network:

Dot Teas:

Community Hall Garden Project:

If you don’t use the internet regularly (or know someone who doesn’t) let us know and we can work out a way to keep you informed. Please contact info@transitionbelper and we will pass on your details.


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