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Waste and recycling

We talked 'Rubbish and Recycling' at our December meeting at  Strutts, with a Louise and Alex from Derbyshire County Council answering our questions on waste management in Derbyshire and also talking about the 'Love Food, Hate Waste' campaign.
A number of questions arising from the discussion have been answered by Louise Hatfield from Derbyshire County Council:

Is the glass mixed at the recycling sites or separated into different colours?

Glass is collected both colour separated and also mixed at the recycling sites. If there is only one bank then it tends to be mixed glass. If there is more than one bank then it tends to be colour separated - particularly at the sites where we collect a high tonnage of material. Please note that some of the glass reprocessor have now invested in colour sorting technology at their plant. Therefore even if the glass is collected mixed it can be separated. However this involves a time delay and also requires energy. All of our glass (kerbside and bring sites) goes to Berrymans as a result of a nationwide contract that they have with Veolia. See the Berryman website

Why is paper and card collected together at recycling centres and not at the kerbside?

How it is collected depends on the end use. At the sites where cardboard and paper are mixed at some recycling centres this goes to be made into cardboard by Smurfitt Kappa and they need some paper in the mix. It is collected separately at the kerbside as it goes to Aylesford to be made into paper.

What is the official line on plastics accepted at the Recresco banks?

Official line on plastics that can be taken at our banks has been added as a document to the Resources section of the site – also please don't forget that they can also recycle tetra paks in these banks as well as plastic bottles. Facebook link

Can the windows from envelopes be recycled?

Please see the Onepost website. I would suggest that as they open the envelope they rip out the window at the same time. Probably takes another second and this way the envelope can be placed in the blue bag for recycling and the window can be placed into the bin. Best not to let the envelopes pile up and create another job!

If you are interested in getting involved with a group of like-minded people in finding more, better and creative ways of recycling do get in touch.

Some recycling ideas


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