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Belper Goes Green 2019 Community, Eco and Arts Festival
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Earth and Ocean Stages: Music Line Up

Friday (Evening Only)
Ocean Stage
7pm                Small Town Boys
8pm                Boats on the Ocean
9pm                Ben Milles
10pm              Water For Dogs

Ocean Stage
11am              Ola Wilson
12 noon         Hattie Hatstar
1pm                Wilf and the Hulabaloo
2pm                Jetlines
3pm                Magic Car
4pm                Darren Claxton
5pm                45
6pm                Mocking Jays
7pm                Marty
8pm                Frank Hunter Trio
9pm                Buenos Treehouse

Earth Stage
11am              Loha Maddison
11.30am         Scott Makepiece
12.30pm         Black Cats and Magpies
1.30pm           Mr Wolf
2.30pm           Experimental Sonic Machines
3.30pm           Saskia
4.30pm           5 Hills Out
5.30pm           Earth Songs: with Maggie Braley


Ocean Stage
12 noon         Pala
1pm                Chris and Dave
2pm                Leftychris
3pm                Scribble Victory
4pm                Dave Young and the Midnight Chorus

Earth Stage
12 noon         Fleet Arts
1.30pm           Jig For A Kiss
2.30pm           Anteloup
3.30pm           The Herron Brothers
4.30pm           The Bagatelles

The Climate Stage: Talks, Spoken Word and Human Library



Ryan Sandford-Blackburn from Permaculture Association Britain – ‘Introducing permaculture: Earth care, people care, future care.’

About Ryan:
I taught myself to garden and coo k through observation, inquisitiveness, and trial and error.
I’m an experienced presenter and workshop leader. I've enjoyed working on different gardens, with lots of different people over the past 10 years. I now garden several days a month on a large allotment plot, plus my garden at home (with help from 2 hens). I have a plant nursery and busy kitchen at home. I no longer use peat products, have never used slug pellets or insecticides, and still get delicious, nutritious food from the garden!
I have held a Permaculture Design Certificate since 2017 and love sharing positive, practical solutions. My work as strategic communications coordinator for the Permaculture Association (Britain) means I have learned lots and been introduced to some truly inspiring people and projects over the past five years. 

Adrian Farmer, a great raconteur from Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, talks about local history.

Roz Watkins, renowned crime writer, talks about her latest critically acclaimed book: ‘Dead Man's Daughter.’

Word Peace
Some of the best spoken word artists in Derby and Derbyshire presented by Becky Deans:
Pippa Nayer • Cullen Marshall • Roz McCormick • Umbilica • Jones • Emerciana Desouza • Becky Deans • Trevor Wright

Plus three-minute poetry and music open mic slots.


Talking Heads
Some of the best spoken word artists in the UK presented by Daron Carey:
Sophie Sparham • Nick Degg • Stan Grant • Rob Stamper • Leo Swarvett • Markus Hurdiss • Roz McCormick • Daron Carey

The Human Library
The Human Library™ is designed to build a positive framework in which to challenge stereotypes and prejudices through face-to-face conversation with real people. A place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered. Come along and ‘loan’ a real person! For further info visit:


Scribble Victory are a duo from Derby. Using 2 voices, a guitar, half a drum kit and a whole heap of enthusiasm they create a unique sound and an entertaining live show.
"Incredible duo, tight harmonies and impressive musicianship. You’d almost think you were listening to a four piece band but then you open your eyes and realise that it’s two incredibly talented men creating that beautiful music" - Emperor Penguin Productions 


Scribble Victory
Buenos Treehouse - Nottingham Pop Rock for fans of Weezer, The Rentals, OZMA & Beach Boys. Fresh from playing 5 full gigs in one day for their single launch, a packed out Bodega at Nottingham’s Beat The Streets Festival plus several other sell out shows… Buenos Treehouse are back with LOADS of brand new songs from their yet to be released follow up to 2017’s ‘Capsized’. With a highly energetic, sing-a-long stage show… Buenos Treehouse are a band NOT to be missed!“It’s a phenomenal track” – Dean Jackson (on the new single ‘Low’), BBC Introducing Nottingham Buenos Treehouse

Experimental Sonic Machines is a one-person & a robot sci-fi music act with home-made instruments & costumes which began in 2010, based at Lincoln UK. I played at Festival 8, Phoenix Alternative Festival, Harlequin Fayre & Off The Tracks Festival last year & was very popular at each.
All ESM's music is original, with homemade music machines using paper discs as programs. There's also my robot drummer Ernie. There's a set of original songs, but it can tangent off into improvisation - no gig is the same. ESM plays most weeks at the Jolly Brewer open mic at Lincoln UK which tests the equipment, material,& develops gig skills. Notable gigs at The Stubnitz ship at Canary Wharf London, Lost Voices at Liverpool UK, Chameleon at Nottingham UK & Raw Power Festival at London, Leigh Folk Festival in Essex, Belper Goes Green, Festival 8 & Northern Green Gathering, & Britain's Got Talent. Experimental Sonic Machines is on facebook.


Playing on Saturday at 7pm on the Ocean Stage

Marty is an all female band from Nottingham / Derby, dedicated to experimenting with new sounds and genres. They  released their first ever single in March 2019 and have only been a band for just over one year but have already played and performed at many venues and gigs around Nottingham. 


Playing on Saturday at 4pm on the Ocean Stage

Darren Claxton - Darren Claxton is a Modern Indie Folk artist, Musician, Producer and now BBC Radio artist, from Derbyshire UK. The music he writes is often described as heartfelt acoustic indie folk with a sprinkling of rock and country influences, with the occasional world music flavour. But most of all, it's his passive emotive thoughts and feelings, that are delivered through that soothing vocal, and intricate guitar playing of his.

Darren Claxton

Playing on Saturday at 12 on the Ocean Stage

Hattie Hatstar - Hattie Hatstar has been writing comedy songs on the accordion since 1998. An engaging performer, and excellent songwriter, with a song for every aspect of the human condition. Expect: murder ballads, drinking songs, songs about underwear, boyfriends, smoking, drugs, sex, ageing disgracefully and Armageddon, delivered with disarming honesty and wit.

Hattie Hatstar
Playing on Friday at 8pm on the Ocean Stage - 
Boats on the Ocean
Boats on the Ocean
Playing on Saturday at 5pm on the Ocean Stage - 

Playing on Sunday at 3.30 on the Earth Stage

The Herron Brothers - Paul and Steven Herron, being actual brothers, have played and sang together for a lifetime. Hailing from the most north eastern borders of England, they are living proof of the old but clumsy adage, “Sharing the bath water results in musical osmosis”.


Playing on Saturday at 11.30 on the Earth Stage

Scott Makepeace - This BBC introducing featured artist has been writing his own style of folk blues rock for the past 2years, steadily building a growing fan base with his captivating live performances. 
As a singer/songwriter, Scott Makepeace has a lot to offer: the fact that he has a distinctive voice and is an accomplished and versatile guitarist rounds the package off nicely. For fans of the buzzing midlands acoustic scene, look no further.
No One's In Charge is Makepeace's debut album, crammed with self-penned tunes. He is a man with a conscience; a commentator on life as he sees it... and he pulls no punches!

Scott Makepiece

Playing on Saturday at 4.30 on the Earth Stage

5 Hills Out - 5 Hills Out are a 5-piece folk-punk band of misfits from Derbyshire, determined to make their mark on the folk scene.
Combining traditional accordion, saxophone, guitars and mandola with a rocking rhythm section of fretless bass and drums.
The band generate a formidable sound scape set against their passionate and crafted shows. Stripped down acoustic arrangements, sit alongside driven punk anthems. This song variation and instrument swapping ability help give 5 Hills Out a great live edge.
Their sound and attitude is refreshing and shows their eclectic influences taken from the likes of The Levellers, X-Ray Spex, Richard Thompson, Stiff Little Fingers, New Model Army and Gogol Bordello.
The band have played extensive live shows around the Peak District, which enabled the self-released debut acoustic EP 'No Way In' in 2016, on all major download platforms and a limited-edition CD run. They released their second EP ‘Still Outside’ in Autumn 2017, which showed the bands diverse electric capabilities. 2019 will see the release of a politically charged double single called ‘The Snug Sessions’, which is their most accomplished writing and recording to date

5 Hills Out

Playing on Sunday at 12 on the Ocean Stage

Pala - In the late nineties, Pala were branded the hardest working band in Derby, due to their phenomenal gig rate and work ethic. It paid off, when their eclectic, turn-of-the-century pop/rock singles hit Radio 1 and they toured the length and breadth of the country. They split in 2002 but recently reformed to record and gig casually. Sometimes they have beards, sometimes they don’t, but they always give it their all live.


Playing on Sunday at 1.30 on the Earth Stage

Jig for a Kiss - We are an eight piece band with ecological sympathies. However, on the day we eco-warriors will be leaving our bicycles at home and be armed with mandolin, flute, whistles, clarinet, saxophone and vibroslap (among other 'weapons'). You might find yourself jigging along to our lively folk tunes and maybe singing along to the catchy songs. Or just sit back and enjoy as we slow the mood down with a waltz or a pastoral ancient English tune

Jig for a Kiss

Playing on Sunday at 2.30 on the Earth Stage

Anteloup - are an exciting Nottingham-based 5-piece band playing quality original material.

The 'genre-span' is wide, with bouncy pop-like songs (one with a nice reggae bounce), to jumpy punk-like songs, to head-nodding, toe-tapping tunes, to soul and country rock-tinged approaches. We're sure there'll be a song for everyone in the set.


In the Spoken Word Tent Sunday afternoon from 12 noon to 2pm

Talking Heads presents:

Sophie Sparham
Sophie Sparham is a writer and spoken word artist from Derby. Her debut poetry collection ‘Please Mind the Gap’ was released last year and features a foreword from Benjamin Zephaniah. Sophie has written poetry commissions for Writing East Midlands, The V&A, BBC Radio 4 and The People’s History Museum. She has recently given a Ted X Talk at the University of Kent about how spoken word can improve our cultural awareness. Sophie's work focuses on issues such as feminism, mental health and LGBT+ rights. However, she's also prone to writing about her obsession with double denim, how bad she is at playing sport and her undying love of Napalm Death.

Nick Degg
Nick Degg is a Potteries Poet who crafts words with the dexterity of a Sausage knotter. Indeed it has been said that some of his Poems actually taste like Pork.

Stan Grant
Stan 'Ranty Granty' is a punk poet who has spent the last 10 years spitting bile and beauty into the back rooms of pubs, car parks and fields.

Rob Stamper
Anarchic, Political, Thought provoking but almost always comedic. Looking at the world sideways is I think the only way.

Leo Swarvett
Leo has been involved in the poetry scene for many years running clubs, workshops as well as performing. Enjoys a variety of delivery styles but generally involves a lot of rhythm and comedy.

​Markus Hurdiss
Mark Hurdiss (or Dagvik Jånson… depending on his mood) Indecisive Dispraxic dude. Former student of both, Microbiology, and Film Making. (and would have done History too if it wasn’t for that meddling government) Likes ale, walking around in woods, getting drunk and existential with things. Dislikes commodity fetishism. Pulling at the seams of reality is his favorite hobby. Accidentally realized he was a poet when a therapist told him to stop writing epics in his mood journal… (and he never did).

Roz McCormick
Roz McCormick lives in Belper, where she first performed her poetry. She thinks of poetry as conversation and employs humour and provocation.

Daron Carey
Dynamic, vibrant and insightful, slam winning poet Daron Carey crafts and performs poems featuring flawed characters with whom he is proud to claim kinship. Drawing upon an extended residency in the parlour of hedonism and excess, he emerged with poems reeking of realism whilst others are served up soaked in surrealism and rich in imagery.​








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